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TMTT / Too moved to talk Asbl

After a few years of collaboration with Mouvance asbl, Fanny Brouyaux created her own association "Too moved to talk asbl" in August 2018. 

Inspired by the work of Fred Eerdekens' "Sorry too moved to talk" (, Fanny Brouyaux chose this name to evoke sensitivity, to invite the audience to seek moving forms of communication and be inspired to view the human being subtly. 

The purpose of this association is to support, undertake and promote activities related to the fields of dance, performing and performing arts, as well as any other activity related to artistic expression in all its forms. The association is also interested in promoting all artistic or socio-cultural approaches aimed at creating bridges between different artistic forms, but also between different audiences.

Official address: Avenue du Forum 3 boîte 31, 1020 Laeken, Belgium

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