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research project 2022

"Make noise!

Knock! Knock! Shake! Shake!
To make the prohibitions of our bodies sound!
To blindly put ourselves to the work of forgetting, of erasing! Reinventing our gestures, relearning to touch, to listen! To be proud, to be stupid, to be naive!

To change, to start all over again, together, to allow ourselves! Make the materials scream, laugh, sob,
skins, cymbals, strings, feet, teeth, bones,
Rub them, make them squeak, pinch them, bite them!

To expose our excesses, to dismantle these roles that encumber us! To be other, to be thing, to be monster!
To disturb our ears, our principles, our images!

To cross, to intermingle, to mix!

Through sound, open the light and dark drawers of our bodies! Discover hidden dances!
Delicately, curl up in the warm wood of the instrument. Make a home, make a country...

To welcome the magic of moments... Try to make a real move, a change,
A real movement."

Fanny Brouyaux, contemporary dancer, professional choreographer and amateur cellist, and Tom Malmendier, professional drummer and amateur performer, join forces for this research into the "body as musician", the body at the service of sound. Particularly sensitive to the notions of permissiveness and joy, they try to push back the limits of their respective disciplines through this choreographic and musical encounter. As the focus shifts alternately from the instruments to the bodies that manipulate them, phantasmagorical, gentle or monstrous images try to appear...

Photo Tom Malmendier


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