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Un Bruit

Urban performance

At the heart of our urban chaos, a silent noise resounds: a few gestures spread like a rumor. 

In this urban form, "Un Bruit" becomes a participatory project for amateur and professional dancers, as the piece's last 20 minutes are adapted to public space through the company's exploration of the original material.

Originally created for 5 dancers and 12 transistors as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Moroccan immigration in Belgium, this piece was co-produced by Espace Magh and Charleroi-Danses. It deals with rumors, the destructive impact they can have and the fantasies they can evoke.

Choreographer: Fanny Brouyaux
Guest dancers for Molendance festival: Mathilde Abadia, Marie-Anne Bonnet, Mathilde Delferiere, Clara Guemas, François Makanga, Olivier Melis, Yassin Mrabtifi, Sarah Parkinson and Olivier Roisin.
Sound designer: Yann Leguay
Production: "Un Bruit" is a project of non-profit organization Mouvance. In its urban form, it was co-produced by La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek and Charleroi-Danses. Fanny Brouyaux is accompanied by Grand Studio.

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