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Creation: 8th,9th,10th/02/2022
Marni Theater, Brussels

"Warm" is a choreographic and scenograhic performance on human interdependence and the curative power of movement.  A questioning, by the body and the object, of the heat experienced, shared or fantasized, or how to question this notion within the theater itself.

Using first aid gestures, gestures accessible to all and yet often misunderstood, this project raises the question of the "right" emotional distance when faced with the other’s distress. It is based on the guidelines taught by the Red Cross, which advocate "composure", a state that allows effective action without forgetting empathy, respect and attentiveness to the victim. An ideal state, a kind of canon of "being in the world" towards which to strive, more or less  achievable depending on the circumstances and sensitivities of each person...


Director: Fanny Brouyaux

Assistant director: Sophie Guisset

Performers: David Séchaud, Florian Vuille and Julia Färber Mariposa De Rabia. 

Sound designer: Adrien Pinet

Light Designer: Grégoire Tempels

External eye: Louise Vanneste

Dramaturgy: Nadid Belaatik

Costumes: Maria Ferreira Silva

This project is supported by Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, La Bellone, Materiais Diversos (PT), Charleroi danse, Pôle sud CDCN Strasbourg (Fr), Le Gymnase CDCN – Roubaix Hauts-de-France (Fr), théâtre Marni and WBI. 

Fanny Brouyaux is accompanied by Grand Studio

The young choreographer Fanny Brouyaux brought dance to the pediatric wards of Brussels hospitals. The body-bridge, body-relay, body-medium is material in her creation Warm, From her own experience, the designer draws a trio that sets in motion the care, the being together, the presence of the other in the moments of distress. The dance – bodies covered, face included, in shades of blue, gray, black – decomposes and recomposes, digests and develops, condenses and stretches the action where distress and care, urgency and expectation, tenderness and revolt. The gestures of first aid – resuscitating, straightening, warming up – speak of the need to act, the feverishness, the impatience, sometimes the impotence. Pipes, pumps and balloons enter the dance, sprinkling mechanical Shadoks-style humor over the generous gravity of the subject.

Press La Libre, Marie Baudet 


Choreographer: Fanny Brouyaux
Performers: Florian Vuille, David Séchaud and Julia Färber.

Assistant director: Sophie Guisset.

Dramaturgy assistance: Nadid Belaatik.
Outside eye: Louise Vanneste.

Sound designer: Adrien Pinet.

Lighting designer: Grégoire Tempels.

Costumes: Maria Ferreira Silva.
Production: Too moved to talk asbl.
Co-production: Charleroi danse, Pôle Sud – CDCN Strasbourg.
Support: Materiais Diversos, la Bellone, Le Gymnase – CDCN de Roubaix, the Federation Wallonia Brussels-service de la danse and WBI

The “Warm” project had also obtained a research grant from the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles. 

Fanny Brouyaux is accompanied by Grand Studio.

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