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Workshops and Performances for caregivers and dancers.

Excerpts from the "Warm" show, around which workshops are orchestrated: spectators' views, care gestures-dance gestures, round-table discussions: care and philosophy. 

On the menu:

  • Performance extracts: "WARM

  • A spectator workshop

  • A philosophical debate

  • A workshop on professional gestures and dance movements




20 caregivers: nurses, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, psychomotricists, surgeons, firefighters... or anyone who has to provide care as part of their job, supervised by the show's artists, Alain Loute, professor of clinical ethics and ethics of care, and Ana Stegnar, guest speaker. 

In February 2022, we created Warm". We presented this show as part of the D-festival 2022 in a very tense (post) covid context. In preparation for the show, we had organized a first workshop-meeting with Mouvance, a non-profit organization, to bring together caregivers and dancers/performers around the questions raised by the show: "the right" emotional distance in a care relationship? Interstice between care gestures and danced gestures? We were also joined by philosophers Alain Loute and Nathalie Grandjean, professors of the ethics of care. We received a great deal of enthusiasm from the audience, who seemed to be very keen on this kind of encounter and experience. So, in response to this appeal, we propose to repeat this experience in cultural and healthcare structures, combining workshops and spectator experiences.


These workshops can last 1 to 2 days and must be co-organized with the partner venue.

©Philippe Thiébaut

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