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On poetry, sport, etc

Creation 2019

(English version below)


Dance and theatre artists Fanny Brouyaux and Sophie Guisset stage the journey of an emancipation. Spurred from the feeling of silenced speech and muffled cries, they bring to life two tragicomic figures that embody their own contradictions. Sporty and up for a challenge, they enter a race that turns out to be hindered by obstacles, incidents and falls that destabilize their determination. The violence of their failure reveals the limits and absurdity of their stubbornness. Militant feminism? No. Through their female perspective, we discover an undergoing battle whose weapons are still being honed: intense energy, a state of alert, a solidarity essential to catalyze change... "On poetry, sport, etc." is a mini-revolution, a physical fable of embodied will, that might perhaps inspire greater ones. From the intimate's threshold to a possible opening towards universality.


Creation and interpretation: Fanny Brouyaux and Sophie Guisset / Dramaturgy: Claire Diez / External eye - Choreographic coach: Moya Michaël and Louise Vanneste / Sound creation: Christophe Rault / Lighting designer: Raphaël Rubbens / Executive production: TMTT a.s.b.l / Co-production: Charleroi Danse/ Accueil Studio: POLE-SUD - CDCN -Strasbourg/ With the support of : Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles-service de la danse, Réseau Grand Luxe 2018, Materiais diversos (PT), Théâtre de la Balsamine, Tanzhaus Zurich (CH), 3CL (LU), KVS, Le Vivat (FR), Le théâtre La Coupole (FR) and Le Théâtre Varia/ Fanny Brouyaux is accompagnied by Grand Studio

Work in progress trailer
Performance trailer
Artists' interview (in French):
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