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Choreographic complicities

Traces workshop @ La Bellone octobre 2023

A workshop-meeting


Who's it for? 

Choreographers, dancers, performers and visual artists, set designers, stage directors for whom working with the body is central. Max. 20 people.

What's involved?

2-day workshop: artists share their perspectives on creations in gestation. Put your own sensibility and vision to work in the world of your fellow artists, and gain insights into your own work. Using playful and sensitive tools developed and proposed by Lorette Moreau and Fanny Brouyaux, we'll work mainly around 3 proposals, 3 short forms (15 min max) at the very beginning of the process, which we'll look after collectively. The conditions will be those of a dance studio, and the 3 forms will be presented in the same space.



Who are we working with? 


Lorette Moreau and Fanny Brouyaux. 


Cousins in life and in art, the two artists are collaborating for the first time to pool their experience as project companions: visionary, dramaturge, artistic collaborator, coach, accomplice... all the show "care" roles that contribute to the good health of projects.


Lorette is a show-maker, a member of l'amicale (an artistic cooperative based in Lille, Brussels and Paris) and co-founder of Wander Structure (a transdisciplinary platform for artistic mutualization run by 8 women artists based in Brussels). She is a multi-hatted artist, working mainly as a director, but also as a ping-pong partner (or artistic collaborator) on projects developed by other artists (Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet, Lucie Yerlès, Jean Le Peltier among others). She teaches at ARTS² (art school in Mons) and regularly organizes workshops on collaborative artistic practices and spectator work. She is passionate about methodology and loves all things meta.

Fanny Brouyaux is a choreographer and dancer, and also accompanies various projects as a viewer, dramaturge or choreographic coach. She has accompanied the pieces "Wilson" and "Vanilla" by performer Sophie Guisset, "Laisse le vent du soir décider" by Espèce de collectif, "Everest" by Sophie Leso, Théâtre de l'E.V.N.I, "Golem", "Dress code" and "Collapse" by cie Abis/Julien Carlier. She occasionally gives workshops for amateurs and professionals, notably with the organizations METX and Mouvance Asbl, and likes to question the intimate and the sensitive through dance, which she sees as a moving form of communication, inviting us to take a subtle look at the human being.

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