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Choreographic complicities

A workshop-meeting

A workshop-meeting for professionals 


An annual 2-day event for exchanging practices and experiences around the role of outside eye, choreographer and creator. 


The first edition of choreographic complicities took place on october 16th and 17th, 2023 @ La Bellone, and brought together 15 artists around 3 creations in gestation. Choreographers, dancers, performers and visual artists, set designers and stage directors for whom the body is central in their works. 


The exercise was to put one's sensibility and gaze at the service of the approach and universe of fellow artists. Using playful and sensitive tools developed and proposed by Lorette Moreau and Fanny Brouyaux, we worked mainly around 3 proposals, 3 short forms (15 min max) at the very beginning of their process, which we took care of collectively. The conditions were those of a dance studio, and the 3 forms were presented in the same space.


The focus of the next workshop will be revisited, but the format will remain the same: two days/1 fortnight of invited artists. -> Date: December 9 and 10 2024 @ La bellone

©Juliette Salmon
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